We would love to see more women inspired to create new products so we are spreading the word about EIN-SW’s ‘Women With Bright Ideas’ competition which might just tempt you (if you are a lady that is!)

Created as a celebration of the recent ‘National Women in Engineering Day’, EIN-SW are looking for submissions from women with an idea for a tangible, commercial project. You don’t need any technical drawings, CAD models or prototypes, all you need is to be able to convey your idea through a  proposal and they will help you take it from there. Ideas are judged on their own merit rather than how advanced they are in the development process. The competition is run in conjunction with NT Cadcam and Wiltshire College and aims to inspire female entrepreneurs by giving them the opportunity to turn their bright idea into a commercial reality. We think it is an amazing opportunity for first time entrepreneurs to do something with that idea you had but never knew what to do with! We hope that competitions like this will help to encourage more female entrepreneurs to step forward. Shortlisted entries will be contacted in August and will then be asked to present their idea to a panel of expert judges (Dragon’s Den style!) at a showcase in October when they will have the opportunity to present their idea to potential investors.

So if there’s been an idea for a product lurking in the back of your mind for a while, now is the time to do something about it! Entry closes on the 31st July 2014 and for further information on how to apply, please see the EIN-SW website here: http://www.einsw.org.uk/news/women-with-bright-ideas-competition