DICOM 3D printing

Specialist, high resolution 3D printing of DICOM images from CT and MRI scans. We process DICOM images and provide high quality 3D models for Dental, Medical and Veterinary use.

The advantages of 3D printing

Many clinicians like to use 3D prints of CT scan data as a physical reference prior to surgery to enable more effective visualisation and planning. Being able to hold the physical piece of anatomy the clinician will be operating on gives an increased degree of understanding and insight into the surgery site. It also presents an array of opportunities for generating prostheses and implants for reconstructive surgery using CAD modelling and other digital techniques. This means that these prostheses can be designed and built prior to any surgery being carried out. The benefits are that not only can the surgeon touch and feel the surgery site, but they also have the bespoke prostheses on hand to refer to prior to surgery.

Who we have helped

We have produced models of human bones, vertebrae and skulls to animal skulls and even larynx of a race horse. In almost every case the purpose has been to gain a deeper understanding of underlying issues prior to treatment. We have helped medical and dental practitioners  from both private practices and the NHS treat many conditions by enabling a greater understanding and visualisation of conditions using CT and MRI images.

3D printing technology

We produce highly accurate, detailed 3D printed models for use in preoperative planning, diagnosis and teaching using our cutting edge 3D printing technology. The technology allows for models to be created very quickly, in some cases as little as a few hours. The speed of this process means that diagnosis and treatment can be accelerated and the accuracy and detail allows greater confidence prior to surgical procedures.

How the process works

We extract and process the area of interest from the DICOM images and convert it to accurate 3D geometry. It is often necessary to remove noise and extraneous data from the 3D model and create a sealed mesh ready for printing. We can also join any floating bones to lock their orientation and relative positions if necessary. We then use our cutting edge, high resolution 3D printing processes to create detailed 3D models.


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