New product development

We provide a complete new product development service to organisations of all sizes looking to innovate and create great user experiences. Find out more about our services below.


Innovative, quality managed design process

Our design process is fundamental to developing new and disruptive products, it fosters innovative ideas and explores new ways of doing things. Our approach combines creative minds with technical expertise and the checks and balances of a quality managed process. We empower forward thinking businesses to enter new markets and exploit technologies in a way that adds true value. Our process focuses on generating new Intellectual Property, the most valuable asset to any modern business and essential to future profitability.


Conceptual design

We create fresh design concepts that reflect strong brand identity with unique style and aesthetic which resonate with users. Conceptual design is an integral part of building the vision for future products; creating a pathway for renewed brand loyalty and growth in sales.

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Mechanical design

We are experts in mechanical engineering, we take ideas and make them work. Our expertise is in developing mechanisms for complex mechanical and electromechanical systems and applying years of combined experience to optimise them. Our mechanical engineering expertise helps our clients reduce part counts, improve part performance, simplify production and miniaturise assemblies.


Computer aided design and engineering

Outsourcing a whole design team can cost less than employing a full time designer in-house and is far more productive. Our comprehensive Computer Aided Design services provide a cost effective way to outsource design and manufacturing expertise. We give businesses of all sizes access to highly experienced design and engineering excellence on demand; whether that be a single design engineer or a full design team.


Validation and simulation

Proper validation and simulation allows for accurate prediction of mechanical and fluid behavior under a wide array of carefully simulated, real world conditions. This process provides invaluable design insight early in the design process and can save a great expense on real world testing and redesign later on. It provides early indication of failure points and allows for part optimisation without taking a belt and braces approach.


Photorealistic visuals and animations

We produce high quality photorealistic visuals and animations suitable for web and print which is an invaluable way to explore colour ways and visualise products before they are manufactured. This imagery can be used for marketing material, promotional videos and packaging and also to win over potential investors and stake holders. It is also a useful tool to experiment with colour options and get early feedback from potential customers.

Technical Drawings

Technical drawings

An integral part of our manufacturing and quality control process is creating accurate technical drawings to communicate design intent between the engineering team and manufacturers. We create technical engineering drawings to BS:8888 which ensure consistency and accuracy of end parts as well as enforcing revision control and tractability.

Electronic Design
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Electronic Prototyping

We design electronic control systems and software using a variety of development platforms. Our process provides a fast and effective method to demonstrate functionality in electronic prototypes and develop production ready devices for a range of industries.

Rapid Prototyping

Cutting edge rapid prototyping

We pride ourselves in being at the cutting edge of rapid product development. We have some of the latest rapid prototyping technology in-house allowing us to develop products faster with product development cycles taking hours, not weeks. Our Rapid prototyping machines produce the highest quality, accurate models of complex parts which can be used for functional and consumer response testing. As well as creating one-off prototypes, our rapid prototyping facilities can also provide a cost effective way of manufacturing components in short runs.


Product manufacturing

We apply years of experience in designing products for manufacture and optimising designs to achieve the best unit costs. We call on an extensive, global manufacturing partner network who are regularly audited for the quality of products and services they deliver. We use our strong relationship with our partners to leverage the most competitive manufacturing costs  from manufacturers who have demonstrated they can consistently deliver the highest quality products and services.

Batch production
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Short runs and batch production

In the lead up to full production, functional testing or when lower volumes are required we can offer a range of short run services to our clients. These include 3 and 5 axis CNC machining, CNC lathe and vacuum casting and are the most cost effective and fastest way to produce end use parts in any volume.

Rapid manufacturing
rapid manufacture

Rapid Manufacturing

Using state of the art prototyping technology we can produce short to medium sized runs of components very quickly which are suitable for end use applications. This process is best suited to smaller components although it can be used for all kinds of components and applications; creating parts with similar properties to conventional, molded parts. It carries the added benefit of being extremely fast and unlike injection molding or other conventional production processes, there are no tooling costs and no minimum order quantities and it is also flexible enough to allow design changes between batches.