Meet the

  • Ben Mazur
    Ben Mazur Managing Director

    Ben founded Ignitec in 2013 with the aim of helping ambitious global businesses to be smarter and braver, igniting ideas with technology, asking “what if”, not “how” and creating devices and technology which have the potential to change the world. Ben is the commercial mind behind Ignitec, getting under the skin of our client’s business and helping them become more competitive. Ben’s background in industry and consultancy has seen him develop successful products for industries ranging from aerospace, automotive and superyachts to wearables, IoT and medical. Ben’s main role at Ignitec is setting the vision and being the main point of contact for our key accounts as well as being the strategic mind behind the business. When he is not at work, Ben enjoys cars, travelling the world and is a keen skier and snowboarder.

    • Angelo D’Onofrio
      Angelo D’Onofrio Technical Director

      Angelo is Ignitec’s Technical Director and brings a wealth of experience in Electronic Prototyping, PCB Design and Manufacturing, Digital Sketching and Industrial Design. He is responsible for managing the team and key accounts as well as ensuring that our projects stay on track. Angelo is involved in every step of our client’s projects from beautiful digital sketches through to electronic design, firmware, prototyping and manufacture. Outside of work Angelo enjoys gaming and exploring the outdoors.

      • Rob Hall
        Rob Hall Lead Industrial Designer

        Rob brings enthusiasm, passion and experience to the design team. Formerly Senior Director at Saitek and MadCatz, world leading manufacturers of gaming controllers and computer peripherals, Rob was responsible for leading the development and commercialisation of the Rat range of gaming mice, amongst over 100 other products. At Ignitec, Rob is responsible for our design process and the creative direction of the business as well as leading commercial projects and managing key accounts. In addition he brings over 20 years of experience developing and commercialising high volume consumer devices to our clients’ projects. When he is not at work he is a competitive cyclist and enjoys spending time with his family.

        • Charley Millard
          Charley Millard Design engineer

          Charley is Ignitec’s resident R&D technologist and queen of data. She spends most of her time writing firmware, building apps and dreaming up new ways of doing and measuring things and then building test rigs to explore these new theories. Her specialist area is firmware programming and the communication between devices but she also builds apps for Android and Windows. A multidisciplinary engineer, she combines electronic sensor systems and mechanical prototyping with software programming to create smart rigs and graphical user interfaces which demonstrate innovative leaps. When she’s not in the office Charley enjoys travelling and riding her motorbike.

          • Lee Chantrey
            Lee Chantrey Software developer

            Lee joined Ignitec as a software developer bringing with him 18 years of experience and quickly found his way to being head of IT and chief fixer of all things computer related. He gives names and assigns personalities to all Ignitec hardware and is also often blamed for any computer related issues which arise from his crusade for IT perfection. When he is not busy writing code for data logging software for our clients’ projects, he spends his time improving Ignitec’s IT infrastructure, making things faster and more secure. Lee is responsible for ensuring our client data is kept secure and safe from hackers, earthquakes and everything in-between. Lee is fluent in Japanese and Bristolian as well as C++, C#, Java, PHP and Python. In his spare time Lee enjoys practicing yoga and writing his own open source software.

            • Jenni Thatcher
              Jenni Thatcher Administrator

              If you call us you will probably speak to Jenni, she is our front of house and organiser of all things. As well as being ruthlessly efficient with administration and organisation, Jenni also manages social media and marketing and is our internal brand ambassador. Jenni is also responsible for quality management and ISO:9001 compliance at Ignitec, ensuring that our processes are upheld and continuously improving so that our clients get the best experience possible. She also keeps the team and our clients smiling and makes a great cuppa! In her spare time Jenni is a professional artist and retro gaming enthusiast.

              • Finn Sowerbutts
                Finn Sowerbutts Mechanical engineer

                Finn is Ignitec’s mechanical engineer and resident joker. As well as having a knack for prototyping things and making them work, Finn likes to build complex electromechanical rigs to support the R&D team. Combining experience with Solidworks, sensors and Arduino, Finn divides his time between CAD design for our commercial design projects and developing new sensors and building rigs for our R&D projects. When he is not working, Finn likes to travel and is a scuba diving and surf fanatic.

                • Dean Challis
                  Dean Challis Design Engineer/Tool maker

                  Dean is our resident tool-maker turned mechanical engineer; having spent 10 years designing mould tools and another 10 years practicing as a design engineer, Dean brings a wealth of experience in materials, complex mouldings and design optimisation. Dean is responsible for a lot of Ignitec’s commercial design projects once they reach manufacture, calling on his extensive background in tool design and moulding, he ensures that products are properly optimised and as good as they can be – before they proceed. He is also a skilled CNC programmer and machinist and outside of work he also enjoys building and tuning his own 3D printers and astrophotography.

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