A look at our product design process in action

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How we bring a product to life

We often get asked about our product design process, “how do you design a new product?”, “what are the stages in your design process?” or “how do you go about designing a new product”. We put this short video together as a part of one of our recent projects to give an insight into how we design new products.

Our process always starts with creativity and open discussion, lots of sketching and scribbling and ideas sparking around the room. Ideas are born and very quickly begin to take shape as design concepts as we move from pen and paper to 3D CAD adding all of the manufacturing details and optimising the design to leverage the most favourable production costs. The next transition is from 3D CAD to real world physical objects which you can hold in your hand and use for all kinds of testing and end use applications. This short clip shows our rapid development process as we develop a concept for a wireless water meter.

The way we design and develop products means we are not only able to produce highly creative and technically challenging designs but also prove the concept in a very short period saving a lot of time and money. If you are interested in learning more about our process and how it will benefit your business drop us a line!