3D scanning and printing a dental model

Having scanned various parts from around the studio we decided to put our new HD 3D scanner through its paces and tested it on a highly detailed dental model. First we scanned the model using our autorotator which takes scans of the object from all angles, it records the data as an ultra high definition point cloud and automatically lines up all of the scans ensuring very high accuracy. We can then convert this data into a triangle mesh known as an STL file which can be directly loaded onto any one of our 3D printers and will rapidly print a duplicate the object. As well as the potential for duplicating objects which in itself is exciting, we can use the point data we capture to design products which are biometrically tailored to a specific user by loading it into our CAD software. We are currently undertaking a lot of research to see how we can put this technology to great use.

We can think of hundreds of applications for 3D scanning and 3D printing, how many can you think of?