Cutting edge 3D printing technology

We provide state of the art 3D printing services as part of our rapid product design process or as a standalone 3D printing bureau service. Find out more about how cutting edge rapid prototyping technology can benefit your business below.

3D Printing technology



Our state of the art 3D printer and highest quality option for when detail, finish and accuracy are critical. Polyjet 3D printers work by depositing millions of droplets of acrylic based photopolymer resin which are cured under ultraviolet light. This gives models with brilliant detail, accuracy and a smooth surface finish in a range of materials and colours. Our standard 3D printing material is Objet Vero Clear which is ideal for 3D printing high quality presentation prototypes and testing parts with tight tolerances. A wide selection of other materials are available on request.

High quality and detail

Very good surface finish

High accuracy


(Fused deposition modelling)

Our versatile, low cost 3D printing option for testing fit and function in tough, engineering grade ABS Plus. 3D printers which use Fused Deposition modelling (FDM) technology work by extruding layers of molten ABS Plus thermoplastic creating 3D printed models with strong molecular strength and high heat and abrasion resistance. The standard material we offer is ABS Plus White which is a low cost material ideal for parts that need to endure harsh environments, functional testing and end use applications. A wide selection of other materials are available on request.

Very tough ABS plastic


Lower cost

3D Printing process

Our 3D printing services create industrial quality prototypes in hours. They are ideal for early stage product visualisation, fit and function testing and even producing batches of end-use parts. Watch our videos to find out how our cutting edge Stratasys Objet and FDM 3D printing processes work.

Objet 3D printing process

FDM 3D printing process

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Why 3D Print?

3D printing is the fastest, most cost effective way to rapidly prototype parts and gain design insight. This can dramatically reduce the time and cost to get to market as well as help test, improve and perfect the performance of your product. We provide a range of 3D printing technologies and engineering grade materials for prototyping products from early development through to end-use parts which are tough enough to withstand a life in service. All of our machines are manufactured by Stratasys, the world leader in 3D printing technology, enabling us to deliver the highest quality prototypes, facsimile models and end-use components.

Objet Vero Family

ABS Plus Family

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